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XS Nightclub
XS Nightclub
261 Richmond Street West, Toronto,
Telephone: (416) 598-1632
S Nightclub debuted as the city's newest and swankiest playground. An exciting and lavish space mastering the blend of boudoir decor with a heart-thumping audio and visual experience. Luxurious VIP suites coupled with an incredible private VIP room fuse contemporary design with an exquisite enchantment. XS was created to indulge the senses, release imaginations, touch hearts and to give Toronto the chance to reclaim its dance floor.

With a great deal of focus placed on how people engage with the space, XS has found the perfect balance between nightlife essentials. XS is proud to present a venue that changes how people indulge in their nightlife experience. A space where customer service is the foundation and creating memorable nights is the routine.

Parking on street
Smart casual / Clubwear
masterard, visa, cash, debit
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