How technology is simplifying the travel experience

(NC) Life is best described as a journey. The exploration of trying new things, meeting new people, and seeing new places. The excitement of travel bridges generations as many of our lasting memories are forged by the adventure of travel. While we produce some of life's most memorable moments while travelling, at the end of the day the idea of coming home is an appealing thought for all Canadians. Whether travelling for business or pleasure our travel experience starts and ends at the airport.

Like many other Canadian travellers, for Vancouver marketing executive Marty Yaskowich, the airport was a place of frustration. Business travellers especially need efficiency and convenience when planning travel. “It's all about the last minute, and that's the business traveller's life. It's all about flexibility,” says Yaskowich. “We don't have time to mess around.”

As the diversity of mobile devices continues to develop, the travel experience is becoming more compact. Mobile applications such as the Air Canada travel app simplify the travel experience by allowing users to track flights, book hotels, and pay for transportation from their device. The number of Canadians booking flights from their mobile device has doubled over the last two years. Those numbers continue to rise as the amount of mobile data consumption increases, as well. A recent study from Cisco Systems says consumption in Canada will increase 54 per cent in the next five years.

The Air Canada mobile app removes the unnecessary papers from travelling. The efficiency of the application really appeals to business travellers who work off a last minute schedule. “It's all about getting travellers that relevant information on demand. Travellers want us to push that information to them so then they get it and can prepare for changes,” says Bal Sahjpaul, Air Canada's senior director of e-commerce.

Business trips come with a lot of responsibility. In order to make sure your attention is fully engaged in the meetings you have to avoid getting caught up in the frustrations of travel. The Air Canada mobile app simplifies travel by allowing you to plan and execute all your trips travel details from your mobile device.

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