Online Casino Player Experience on Computers Still Top Mobiles

Online Casino Player Experience on Computers Still Top Mobiles

The use of mobile devices in playing various online casino games presents a player with countless numbers of benefits as compared to the more immobile desktop computers. However, one area that mobile devices have never been able to compete with desktop computers is player experience.

It's a little known fact that most casinos online still provide the best experience via their downloadable/desktop software says Edward Jones of The phone/mobile versions are normally offering only 25% of the games and features offered on the computer version. Therefore on a desktop, the experience of playing online casino is exciting and very immersive than that of a mobile device.

How does downloadable software make online gaming experience different?

This is a question that has always helped in throwing more light on what desktop sites do better than the mobile versions. That normally related to the limitations on the mobile phone in terms of processing power, storage, memory, speed and other factors of the device itself. Below are a few of the reasons as to how desktop casino software is able to provide players with a more interactive and immersive gaming experience;

Features: Desktop casino software always provide players with all the features of a particular online casino game as it has the much needed requirements to ensure that such features run smoothly without any issues. However, with mobile devices, the features are in a way compacted whilst others are totally eliminated in order to ensure that the game is able to run without any hitches.

Access to all games: Online casino gaming sites also do structure all their games for desktop computers whilst a small number is then restructured to address the needs of those who prefer to play on mobile devices. Therefore, using a downloadable software to play an online casino will always give you access to more games and features then the mobile version.

Extended playing time: On a desktop computer, a player can play for as long as he or she likes whilst his or her computer is plugged to a power source. However, the same cannot be said for those who prefer to play online casino games on their mobile devices. The reason for this is that these mobile devices always come with a time limit within which it can be used. As soon as it reaches that time limit, the battery is completely drained and one has to get it fully charged before he or she can continue playing. Deciding to keep your device plugged to a power source on the other hand is a recipe for destroying your device’s battery.

Although mobile devices are known to provide numerous benefits for players of online casino games, it should be noted that those games are simply an abridged version of the original game for desktop computers.

It is also true that technology advances so fast that the phones we carry into our hands today are much more powerful then anything we've seen in past years. Therefore the gaming industry will continue offering mobile players a more and more enhanced experience as technology improves.

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