Ottawa international chamber brings the music of generations

The Ottawa International chamber music festival makes a humble beginning on the 23rd of July. For 15 days, the visitors will be treated to waves of mesmerizing classical music. While you reverberate to the music from the generations you will also be treated to bold departures from the original. This brings to the fore the chamber music’s strength as a living art which has made its mark on the young and old alike.

Enjoy the violin sonatas from AugustinDu may on the 24th of July. The Beethoven’s 10th and Brahms’ third just flow like a river from the perfectionist’s instrument. Come Monday the 27th July and you will see the English opera of the 17th century getting revived at Chamber fest under the precise control of Director Alexander Weimann. Together with it the visitors will be treated to Aeneas and Dido, which is a contemporary masque by composer James Rolfe and librettist Andre Alexis.

The gala event brings together 450 artists who bring to the visitors some 100 events spread over half a month. The theatrical event illusions+ is a multimedia expression of the travelling carnival while the “Kid Koala’s Nufonia must fall live” is a puppets live video with a master DJ and a string quartet. The visitors will need some courage to be a part of the theatrical event Uncle John. Toronto’s Against the Grain theatre brings Mozart’s Don Giovanni, transformed for the 21st century and brimming with recklessness and addiction.

The Haydnfest brings to the erstwhile visitors the masterpieces of Joseph Hayden, the father of the string quartet. These span 13 concerts and learning events. While the St. Lawrence string Quartet performs Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross, Rob Kapilow explores Hayden’s magnificent G major Quartet.

Overall the visitors will be treated to a multi-cuisine of classic chamber music.